Supernatural Intervention - The Hunt For Sam and Dean


One of the greatest TV shows of all time, Supernatural, is on its third season. Since I am a huge fan of this show, I got the chance to see what happened during the Supernatural Season Finale a couple of weeks ago. The ending was amazing! I have been in for many episodes where the cliff hanger or the number of episodes remaining was less than what I wanted and when I saw the finale I felt like I got everything I had been looking forward to. So without further ado, let us begin our journey to the generator hack Smash and generator Smash.

The first battle between the angels of the good and the demons of the bad was a very intense and long battle that lasted over an hour. After fighting through all of the other fighters, Dean and Sam stood toe to toe with the archangels while battling. The fight was tough, but supernatural powers and skills were on par with each other. Eventually, the archangels managed to break through with a powerful chant, telling Dean and Sam to meet their maker.For more details you should visit

As the fight raged on, more generators were used to help the Winchesters win. However, with the number of generators on both sides, there was no hope for either Team Dean or Team Sam. The only solution to this was for them to hook up to a generator and pray to the Winchesters that they would still make it out alive. Unfortunately, there was no other choice and the two teams were trapped inside the bunker.

After a lot of struggling, the Winchesters finally made their way out through the tunnels. The generator was obviously too damaged to work and therefore, they had no choice but to pray that they would make it out of the bunker. When they came out the other side, they were completely encased in ice and were stuck in the snow. No matter how hard they tried to dig, they were only able to move a few inches. In the end, despite their desperate situation, the Winchesters decided to sacrifice themselves and save Sam and Dean instead.

While the rest of Team Lucifer tried to battle the Winchesters, Gabriel attempted to destroy the generator by throwing dynamite over the top of it. Unfortunately, the explosion went so high that the generator simply crashed to the ground. Trying to salvage the situation, Gabrieline used her powers to create a makeshift shield around herself using some dust from the remains of the previous battle and piled up rocks around herself. This gave them some cover and they were able to make their way out of the bunker with the generator's help. Team Lucifer was forced to retreat as the Winchesters escaped the site of the battle.

Unfortunately, there was no way for the Winchesters to escape while the generator took the supernatural power from them. Not only did the generator fail to help them get out, but they would not be able to re-enter the battle until Gabrieline got enough strength in the air to lift them out. However, when she used her supercomputer to access the future using a combination of herbs and potions, she was able to re-enter the battle successfully, and the generator's failure allowed her and Dean to escape safely before the final battle with Castiel.



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